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Water Trampolines and Water Sports Equipment Since 1991. Manufacturer / distributor of quality water trampolines, water sleds, banana boats and water sports equipment.
Aqua Sports technology, water trampolines, and Water sleds, tubes

Neoprene Distributors Int’l dba: Aqua Sports Technology was established and incorporated in 1991. As a primary proponent in the development of banana style water sleds, Aqua Sports Technology was the first companies to introduce the distinctive yellow body and blue side runner “banana boat” into the United States retail market. As the popularity of our banana boats grew, we were encouraged by several of our larger retailers to create new banana boat sizes and styles. By 1997, Aqua Sports had steadily expanded growing to the largest distributor of banana boat water sleds in the United States. In 1998, Aqua Sports developed its first water trampolines and soon after established the web domain www.banana-boats.com and trademarked the name Island Hopper™.

In the years following 1998, our focus was to create innovative new products for our customers in the water sports industry. In 2000, we introduced and patented the Sport Utility Towable, in 2002 we expanded our line of banana boats and added heavy commercial banana boats. In 2004 Aqua Sports introduced Red Shark banana boats and Island Runner water trampoline attachments. Our success continued in 2005 with the development of the patented Turtle Hop and Turtle Jump water trampoline lines. In 2006, we introduced the Gator Bounce & Slide and in 2007 we developed and patented our line of 6 Whale Ride banana Boat products and introduced our best selling water bouncer the 13' Bounce & Splash.

2008 brought a new product direction to the Island Hopper™ brand with our introduction of recreational bounce houses. As of this date we have developed 7 different bounce houses that are marketed on the best bounce house web sites world wide.

2010: NDI purchased the RUOutside brand name and web site www.ruoutside.com We now manufacture and sell quality winter sports gear and apparel focusing on the US snow mobile and winter boot market. By adding winter products NDI / Aqua Sports Technology strengthens its sales position with winter seasonal sales.

For 24 years, Aqua Sports Technology has built and sold thousands of quality products to satisfied customers worldwide. We pledge to continue to bring innovative products to the water sports, children’s bounce house and snow mobile industry for years into the future.

As a manufacture and distributor, we understand quality and cost control have to work together to keep a strong product at an affordable price.
25' Island Hopper tube manufacturing
We are a company that is strong enough to stand behind our product for a long time!  We also make sure not to run out of supply and never be surprised at how strong the demand is, so you can be assured to receive your watertrampoline when you need it!
Built with quality craftmanship and the best materials, but still can bring an affordable price to the consumer.
RED SHARK Production Line